Monday, June 30, 2008, 11:53 AM
3 Days At My Mom's Office

My mom's secretary was sick so I had to be the secretary for 3 days. The secretary came to the office in Friday too, but still I have to work there too. Because it was too busy. The deadline was coming to close and my mother doesn't like to lose -_-" *yeah tell me about it*
I wished I recorded those moments because it was such a panic situation we got there. Peoples were running from here to there, yelling at each other (and at me too), and didn't even have time to eat!!

The job was actually simple and easy. I just have to fill the names into the card with Corel Draw 12. How simple is that, huh?? ^^ Yea, I could enjoy my time doing my job, listening to my iPod. To tell you the truth and I'm not bragging about it, I was pretty fast kekeke~ So I chuckled and said to my mom's colleague, "is there anything I can type more? No? Awh that's too bad". Then I sat there, playing Zuma to kill some times until I got another names to type.
Then, the situation became more panic. Peoples were rushing me to do those names and print it!! OMG I almost can't handle those things!! They kept giving me names to type, while I wasn't done doing the previous one -_-"
I could only said to them, "Okay... Coming!!". I almost yelled at them too, but fortunately I still could handle my emotions kekeke XD

Aaahh... I don't know... Those typing things were nice. Although people were yelling at me and those panic situation... I just enjoyed those moments. It was very tiring, though. But somehow I felt happy ^^
Maybe I should just drop my college and doing those stuffs?? XDD
Joking.. My parents would be mad if they ever read this!!

Anyway I got Paper Lace's The Night Chicago Died. It sounds exactly like SuJu KRY singing, only Paper Lace's sounds a bit older XD
Ooohh I recorded my own voice singing 'A Whole New World'. Hey I'm quite good singing men's voices XDDD

Well, that's all for now. It's our Super Leader's birthday, Leeteuk!! ^^