Wednesday, July 2, 2008, 2:53 AM
Henry Lau a.k.a Henrietta

Henry Lau. The Violin Boy. Ahh~ He really blows my mind. For his talents... And looks XD
From what I read, it seems like he is such a shy guy. I like shy guy XDDD

I can imagine him with worry face and a red blush on his face... What a MOE!! *maniac laugh* That's right!! I'm an otaku!! *well that's not a thing to be proud at* I love looking at cute boys especially when they blush, wearing uniforms, with cute innocent face and eyes... Mwahahhaha... *man I sound like a freak* -_-"

Ahem. Let's get back to topic, people.
Henry. Violin. He reminds me a lot with 'Gunslinger Girl' anime. Yeah... The main Gunslinger Girl, Henrietta, plays violin. She has a cute face, innocent personality and often blushing. Yesssshh... Henry!! Henrietta!!
Just then, I realized that their name is quite similar and I posted this!! XDD

NB: Now I can imagine Henry holds a gun that comes from his violin box (which is, everyone thinks that is really a violin box), then pouts when he can't accomplish a mission. XDDD
Henry FTW!!