Tuesday, July 1, 2008, 12:43 AM
I got sick -_-" I threw up twice. God, I'm so weak...
My father woke me up by opening my door at 8 in the morning. I suddenly woke up, then my father asked me to drop him in front of the hospital. I shook my head to say 'no', because I suddenly felt REALLY dizzy. It felt like... I could feel this world's rotation. And it rotated so quickly -_-"
OMG... What happened to me? Am I... Vertigo?? (In medical world, Vertigo means dizzy).

Then, I sat up on my bed. The dizziness was decreased. When I tried to lie down again, I got dizzy again!! What the hell was happening to meee!!??

I went downstairs to meet my dad and asked if he knew something. He said that I shouldn't stay up so late and he checked my blood pressure. 90/60 -_-" How low was that??!!

I closed my eyes, but it made me dizzier and dizzier... Then... I threw up T^T

I felt a bit comfort after throwing up, but when I went upstairs again to sleep, when I woke up, I threw up again T^T

OMG could vertigo feel this bad!!??

"What am I gonna do? I can't sleep, even I close my eyes I still feel dizzy!! What, do I have to just sit here all day??", I thought of that. Really. I was sick. But I couldn't sleep (I could, actually. But whenever I tried to sleep, I got REALLY dizzy), I couldn't even close my eyes!! T^T This was soooo miserable...

I groaned and drowned my head to pillow, searching for a nice position. I finally got to sleep. I guess it was because I felt a lot better after throwing up.

And you know what's more interesting?
I couldn't go to my college today. And my friend called me, asking whether I was sick or not. I told her all. From waking up until the throwing up. Then she said, "hey!! That was what we learned in class today!! Just like the case in the book!!"
And I said, "Wha...?"
She said, "Yea you're vertigo!! Just like in the book!"
When I hung up the phone, I quickly opened the book. OMG yes. Yesssss I'm vertigo JUST LIKE IN THE BOOK.

The case goes like this:
Mando felt dizzy suddenly after he woke up. He felt his surroundings was turning, he felt nauseous and felt like throwing up and he had cold sweat. The dizziness became more and more when Mando turning his head to the right.

I just can't believe this.