Friday, July 4, 2008, 9:25 AM
My friends always ask me, "why do you enjoy so much watching Friends tv-series? It's an old tv-series, for God's sake!". And I always answer with, "Why? It's funny!!". That's what I always answer before I realize why I actually enjoy watching it so much.

Actually it's just a stupid reason. Well, some of us maybe have a hard times in our life (who doesn't? XD), then how do you react for it? Do you cry? Do you sigh? Do you feel depressed? Do you want to kill yourself? That's what us, normal person, react. Now can you imagine yourself, that you're being in a hard time (especially for the mistakes that you made), but you can still laugh at yourself?

What I watch from Friends tv-series, is that they are still able to laugh even when they have hard times. They are not making such a big deal of it. Although they don't have a job, divorces, mom killed herself, can't have a kid, and they are all lame with their love relationships... But they are still able to laugh at it... And laugh at theirselves.

That's why on Saturday night I always order a pizza and sit in front of my laptop or PC and turn on Friends ^^

And not to mention that they have really strong friendship bond. Just like the theme song laa...
"Even when I'm at my worst, I'm best with you!!"