Thursday, July 10, 2008, 4:00 AM

1. Exam is over. I don't care about the result >.> I hate examssss. OSCE is coming up. I'm dead.
2. Sungmin is such a hawt when he plays guitar. Rawr.
3. Currently listening to AKB48 - Skirt, Hirari. Yay.
4. My old crush sent me a message. Why is he always like this? And why am I always like this? " Why? Isn’t there anything I can resist?" - AKB48 -_-"
5. I want to watch Long Vacation all over again but I'm sleepy and OSCE is coming up T^T
6. Want to try the routine in 'Dear My Teacher', but I'm suck at dancing. Duh.
7. Recently reading: Asatte no Houkou and Kashimashi. Nice stories. Cute pictures.
8. Ono Erena: The Definition of cuteness.
9. New favorite: DEPAPEPE
10. Trying to get back to normal life. I always sleep at 5 AM and this is definitely NOT right. I had vertigo (BPPV) so I should learn a lesson from that -_-"
11. School Rumble last chapter is nice~~ Eri FTW!!
12. Ooohh it's Heechul's birthday!! XD
13. It's 4 AM. Want to sleep now.