Friday, July 18, 2008, 7:01 AM
Trip To Medan

At first, I felt a little bit pissed because my friend said we would take L300 (it's some kind of little bus, not that big bus I used to get) to Bireuen, then to Lhokseumawe, then to Medan. My friend said that we should drop by at our friends house to eat sate Matang -_-". I mean... We went in the morning, then we arrived in the next morning. If we got a big bus, we could went in the night and arrived in the next morning. That would be a really consuming-time trip -_-"

But I just tagged along. I had no choice. And the important thing is, I'm going home. That is the big deal :)

Traveling with L300 was not horrible as people says. It was actually a lot comfort than big bus. I didn't feel any nauseous when we went up Seulawah ^^
Then, we dropped by at our friends house in Bireuen. We ate sate Matang a lot XD
Tasya ate 7 stick and added 5 times of rice -_-" Wkwkwkkwkw...

Then we went to Lhokseumawe with BE. At first, I didn't have any idea what BE is. My friend even said that we could fly with BE -_-"
It turned out that BE is a short for 'Bireuen Express'. Yeah because it's not moving so smoothly, so we feel like flying XD

And we arrived at Lhokseumawe. Dropped by at Icha's house. Around 10 PM Tasya and I went to Medan with big bus.

It was a surprisingly cheap trip. We just spent around Rp.120k. Meanwhile, if we go with big bus at the first place, we may ended up spending around... More than Rp.150k -_-"

Hahha it may not a luxury comfort trip, but that was really fun!! ^^