Tuesday, August 12, 2008, 1:10 PM
Crazy PS-ing!!

Phew~ Today I made 4 graphic thingy (what should I call it? GPX?). Starting from noon until middle of the night (or should I say... Dawn?? Because it's 3 AM now -_-").

Hahahahha I love Photoshop-ing!! Thanks to the fellows in Sujunesia who kindly posted several tutorials that I need to know for making an icon :)

At first, I thought making that kind of graphic was really hard. I saw Otto making some of those, and I felt dizzy (while feeling envy also). And when I tried it myself, it's not so hard... Instead, it's FUN!! XD

I found great tutorials in LJ. It's quite easy to follow and the result is nice!!
Here's my result (I maybe followed her way, but the result is different a bit):

What do you think? XD
Why Erlend Oye, you ask? Simply because he is an adorable geek :D