Sunday, September 7, 2008, 7:51 AM
I got Nintendo DS Lite!! XD

Hwahhahhahahaaa... The first present I got for my 20th birthday is... NDS Lite (and it's the best present ever!!)!!
^the game is FF III~

OMG I never thought I would get this thing!! When I first held NDS in my hand, it was the end of July 2008. It's not mine, of course. It's my friend's.
Then I said to myself, "omg... That thing looks so fuuunn... I want itttt!!". But I know that my parents won't approve it so I just keep silent.

Then, at the end of August, my brother asked me...
My brother: "What do you want for your birthday? I wanted to give you an iPod but you already bought it
Me: Nah... Forget it. I won't get it even I tell you.
My brother: It's ok. Just spit it out. What do you want?
Me: Nintendo DS

(I think he google-ed it for a moment, then he answered)
My brother: Okay. You can have it. But promise me you won't jeopardize your grade, okay?

I was like... O.o" SERIOUSLY??
Don't you think NDS is kinda too expensive for a birthday present? I felt bad at first, but I must admit that I want that thing. So bad. T^T I'm sorry, brother... *and thanks, btw*

I waited for one week for my birthday, then my brother transfered the money through my friend's BCA account -_-"
*thanks Fauzan!! ^^*

Hahha... I'm so happy (why wouldn't I??) XD
But I don't get to play it so long... Because the new semester was started. And I'm pissed.
Damn you campus.