Friday, October 10, 2008, 7:58 AM
Love Generation

Another Kimutaku x Matsu Takako pairing. After seeing them in Long Vacation, I want to watch this dorama too.

Just now, I finished watching eps 1 and the story is so great. It's not like these doramas nowadays. Ppffftt.

It's kinda hard to think a 'cheerful' Matsu Takako -_-"
Knowing that she was such a shy and innocent girl in Long Vacation, and I kinda get the feeling of 'down-to-earth'ness of her songs... It's just kinda surprising that she got a cheerful (and witty!!) character in Love Generation XD

When I first saw Kimutaku in 1st eps, I was like, "Nonononooo... Not that hair again". Because seriously, what is wrong with that hair!!?? He looked great in 'Good Luck' dorama, but EEWW in 'Long Vacation'. But near the end of eps 1, he cut his hair and I was like... "OMG hawt!!" wakakkakakkaaaa...

Okay people, I gotta get back for watching!! <33