Sunday, November 16, 2008, 7:16 AM
I really want to laugh. Out loud.

I remember I was so pissed when I was in Jangka Buya. All my friends were talking about that jerk. Especially about his stories with girls. I really couldn't stand it at that time. I remember I yelled at my friend because she called me. I'm sorry, but that was because my mood was sooo bad. I couldn't explain how bad my mood was. Really.

Hearing them gossiping about him, made me really hurt. But I can't blame them. They don't know what he did for me, and I don't wish them to know either. I just sat there, I even hoped that I could make my ears go deaf (for a while). But somehow, I wanted to hear about it, although it hurts me a lot.

Then, after the event was over, I smelled something suspicious between my friend and him. They have been text-messaging a lot in Jangka Buya... Until now. Where did I know it?? No one told me. I only can read between the lines and I'm right.

He is SO easy to read.

My friend told me everything after I told her about what he has done to me. She was really shocked.
"How... Wha... I can't believe it!!"

Yeah. Shocking, right? When you think that a guy is a good guy because he is not bad-boy like... It turns out that you've been deceived.

I began to take it easy. He is a player and I don't have any time mourning about him playing me. Although when my friend said that he taught her about some topic in pediatric, my heart still can feel the pain.

Psh. But not anymore.

My friend told me about the real him.
On last Saturday night, they went out together. They stopped by the fast food restaurant, but my friend had to pay her own food. But not just that. There's plenty of stories, oh yes. This entry would be sooo long if I write it here.

I was like... "Really??"

Oh my. Talk about a bad luck. As I thought, he is dull as always.

My friend was SOOOOO mad. Like crazy. She said that she won't do anything with him ever again. Although I was a bit upset when she cancelled her intention to take revenge...

You gotta get what's comin' to you, for all the bad, bad things you do to your ladies!!