Sunday, November 16, 2008, 10:04 AM
I should have search for my study material for tomorrow's tutorial, but I'm lazy =p
I'm translating 'Gita Cinta' from Indonesia to English with my brother XDDD

It's hard to translate it -_-"
Because the lyric is some kind of poem in Indonesian. It's really beautiful and I want to share to you all. I hope I can share my Indonesian ability for you, so you can understand this song well.

We've been translating this for almost 1 hour. Here's the result:

Hymn of Love

Blossomed sprouted love
Find the first love
Was buried by deep yearning
Increasingly deep, increasingly dark

Beautiful love has ended with sorrow
Heaved quietly in the dream
Adolescence time has ended
Moved further away from the fragile thought

Now I'm searching for a path of happiness
On the street that was full of thorn
To reach out the melted love
You're moving further, further away

No longer i could find your soft smile
I was walking alone in the darkness
Without any clear path
You're just a frozen shadow

This song tells you about a lost broken heart. If Whitney Houston asks you, "Where do broken hearts go?", well I just can say that they just walk in the darkness, without any clear path.

It tells you about someone who is heart broken and still searching for the love. He even searches for just a little space of happiness. He even searches it on a street that is full of thorn. But the one he loves are moving further, further away and he couldn't find her soft smile again. He still searches for happiness, even now she is just a frozen shadow.

Ahem, talk about the melancholy.

Just now I listened 3 songs by Joe Hisaishi from his 'Encore' sheets music, played by my brother :)