Thursday, December 25, 2008, 9:24 PM
Apollo Justice

At first, I'm kinda disappointed that Phoenix is not the main character again. Then I knew that almost all old character are not in GS4 anymore, I'm really disappointed. I'm more disappointed when I knew that I can't even see a single Edgeworth. WTF? Then I look at Apollo's picture... "He is NOT a lawyer. He's just a beyblade player" >.>

And what the hell is wrong with his 'objection'? It doesn't fit his childish appearance... Rawr. I WANT PHOENIX BAAAACCK.

But this is an great Ace Attorney game. It won't do me harm to play it.

Hmm. The graphic is awesome. The music sounds a bit better than the previous game. And who is this gentle-looking lawyer in glasses I see in the first case?? He's hawt. My type *giggle*

And here comes Justice... He really doesn't look like a lawyer at all. Maybe because of his face? His clothes? >_>
Psh. Even Payne made his appearance in this game. Why doesn't Edgeworth? T^T

As far as I play, I enjoy it. Apollo's kinda cute <3 I like his reaction when he's in court XD And knowing that he always be the victim of everyone's prank, makes him even more cuteeee XD hahahaahha *Phoenix is evil*

Ah. Then I learned that blonde lawyer in glasses is the villain. WTF I don't care. Dahlia is cute and she is pure evil *maniacal laugh*

Hobo Phoenix is HAWT. Seriously, 7 years has passed and he became this cool? *drools* I can't believe it after I played the previous games. Feenie >> This usual Phoenix Wright we know and love >> Hobo Phoenix <3

Trucy. She's cuteeeee!! It made me laugh when she and his 'Daddy' prank Apollo. Wahahhaa.

Ema Skye. Oh my. She's changed. But she became prettier. Haha snackoos.

Klavier... <333 He looks a lot like Kristoph *without glasses, of course*, that means he's hawt and he's my type =3 And he's quite friendly too, not like other prosecutor tee hee. He's got this cool rock theme song. Awww he's so dreamy... *swoons*

Haha I like Apollo!! Well I can't compare him to Phoenix. Phoenix is number 1 defense attorney in my heart <3 But this game is not bad at all. I like looking at the graphic.