Wednesday, December 31, 2008, 11:27 AM
HUZZAH!! 2009!!

I was chatting with my brother. We were talking some kind of 'self-confidence'. Then one thing led to another...

My brother:
If Kristoph asks, "have you do your homework?" while Klavier comes with flowers and love letters, that doesn't mean that Kristoph doesn't like you.

...Your words are like fanfic, really made me flattered. Please go on. *blush*

Seriously, that is one good opening for this year, bruder. I laughed maniacally and I'm sure I was blushing like mad that time. All of this because it sounds so good when others write it, it feels so... Real. *blush*

But then...

My brother:
Kristoph: Shishi, have you do your homework?
Meh: Yeah. Why did you ask? Do you want to copy it? Here, take this!!
Kristoph: *cries in the depth of his heart*
Klavier: Hey Shi-shi have you received flowers that I sent to you a week ago?
Meh: Yeah *thinking that only monkeys are attracted to me*

... -_-"

I guess my brother has a talent for writing crack fanfic, eh?

Then Dita wrote me a fanfic to my request.
alfhaldj;lasjdd;a;sjd;lasj IT HAS JONGHUN AND YESUNG IN IT.