Monday, December 15, 2008, 7:21 PM
I Overslept OMG!!

I've been trying NOT to miss the lecture again. I choose not to let my angsty feelings take on me. But... What can I do when it's about a really nice sleep!!??

Yeah. I can't sleep early last night so I played PW until 3 AM. I set the alarm in 6.15 AM and 6.30 AM, but I set it off unconsciously.

When I woke up...
Meh: Mmmhh... *eyes to the clock*
Clock: *7.50 AM*
Seriously, I screamed. That's not over reacting because that was I really reacting -_-"

And I can't even do my 'better-not-take-a-bath-and-just-go-to-the-campus' plan because the lecturer is the scariest doctor ever in a whole campus' stories!! T^T
Trust me, I've been there, in his lecture. Ones who come late, don't come or you'll embarass yourself.

Great. Just... Great.