Wednesday, December 10, 2008, 3:42 AM
New Blog Skin

Me: Wow. Didn't see that coming. O.o"
You: What?
Me: The new skin.
You: Yeah what's wrong with that?
Me: There's nothing wrong with the skin, there's something wrong with ME!!
You: ?? *tilt head*

Okay people, we know that is a pretty skin, but do you think it's kinda girlish?? I mean... TOO girlish?? What's gotten into me anyway?

Ah well. I AM a girl. That's not a big deal.

Hm. These are about me lately:
1. I can still hear the 'Takbir'. OMG FOR GOD'S SAKE THE ID ADHA IS OVER PEOPLE!! I mean... Come on!! I'm home alone hearing the 'Takbir' while my parents are having fun in America. That's not fun, I tell you.
2. Tomorrow's exam. I don't think I can pass it really well. Too much reading fanfic and doujinshi, I think I'm gonna get a C again.
3. Here's my plan when the exam is over. I will go home directly, no need to ask, "so? How the exam went for you?" to friends *because they would ask the same thing to me, and I don't really like answering it*. NEVER MEET YOUR FRIENDS AFTER EXAM. Especially the, "Oohh I answered that and I was right!! YAY!! How about you?". This is the kind of friends that you should avoid after an exam. FOR YOUR OWN SAKE, AVOID YOUR FRIENDS WHEN EXAM IS OVER!!

Yeah. That's it for now.