Saturday, December 6, 2008, 2:13 AM
Phoenix Wright/Miles Edgeworth??

No, this time I won't tell you my fangirl craziness XD

I just kinda have a thought after reading some topic in court records forum, "If you had to marry one PW character...".

Ha yes of course the one who came first in my mind was Edgeworth XD
But something is just not about right -_-" Let's analyze this for a moment, shall we?
Edgeworth is... some kind of a high-class man. He's into classical music, tea, intelligence... etc, etc...
-_-" Psh. We're NOT so meant to be *hell yeah we're not. He's just a fictional character*. But if he's real, we're still not meant to be, because of that reason.

And if I had to marry one PW character (other than Edgeworth), I'd choose Phoenix.
After I played the games, read some fanfictions and doujinshis, saw some fanarts, I found a conclusion that Phoenix and I would really hit it out :)
He's an easy going, sweet (although I really wanted to vomit when I played Trials and Tribulation 1st case), kind, etc, etc... In other words, Phoenix is just another ordinary man. And that's what makes him so perfect with me <3

I even love a 'straight' pairing, Phoenix x Maya!!
And let me tell you, Phoenix x Maya is the first 'straight' pairing I ever like.
And the others?? YAOI ALL THE WAYYYYYY...!! XDDD