Wednesday, December 31, 2008, 12:18 PM
This is Dilemma

Sorry for double post << WTF we're not even in a forum.

You see, I like Kristoph. I really like him. When I first saw his official art, I knew that I was going to like him *err... I think we've heard these words before...*.
His official art is really, really appealing to me *dayumyouCapcomyoureallyknowhowtomakegorgeouscharacter*.

My 1st impression:
Oh my. Who is this guy? He's totally my type.

I thought that he is the prosecutor of the game (because he really looks like Klavier). To tell you the truth, I called Kristoph 'Klavier' the very first moment of the game. Because 'Klavier' is an unique name, I remembered it, not Kristoph XDDD

I really like the way he smiles and keep his cool headed. And he has a nice 'objection'. *swoon*
To know that he is the main villain, it's just so... Sad :(

This is contradictory. This is OBJECTIONABLE!! T^T
1. I like Phoenix too. Well not in a lust *wait... Did I just say 'lust'?* way. How could Kristoph do that to Phoenix? T^T He made the whole PW fans sad. He might as well made Edgeworth sad. T________T
2. I adore Klavier. Bagai pinang dibelah dua, he looks alot like Kristoph. But I heard *or so I read in the spoilers. Yeah I don't mind spoilers. As long as it's not too spoiled XDD*, Kristoph hates Klavier. T^T How could someone hate his own brother?? And Klavier is such an adorable kid!! I'm asking what is contained in Kristoph's brain... T^T
3. Apollo is cute. Kristoph hates him too T^T How... How could!!
4. He wears nail polish *or so I read in the spoilers*

So how could I like a character like that? T^T

I wrote this because I read a doujinshi about Phoenix, after losing his badge. He looked in the mirror, he stared at his suit. No badge on it, he started to look down, remembering Maya, Mia, Edgeworth... It's just too much. Kristoph is pure evil. T^T
And I read about Edgeworth crying after he saw Phoenix suit, without a badge on it... And Edgeworth started to cry, then Phoenix held him... T_________T
Well it's doujinshi. But it's still sad!! Kristoph did make Phoenix lost his badge.

This is dilemmaaaaaaaaaaaaa T________T
So hot, yet so evil... Arrrggghh you can't just say, "try to like Klavier. He's not evil. He looks a lot like his brother. Just tell him to stop tanning himself and start to wear glasses". Klavier is NOT Kristoph T^T Huhuhuhuhuhuuuuuu...

Now you see how I play game wholeheartedly, don't you? Keep calling me freak, I don't care!! T_______T
I'm saddddd!!