Saturday, December 27, 2008, 6:25 PM
Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side - 1st Love

Oh my. This game is really tempting for someone single and pathetic like meh XDDD
No... Kidding. *in case there's people who read and play the game...*

I only played it for 20 minutes because I just got the game this morning.
The game seems fun. Good thing that we can hear what they say, because I can understand what they say, but read the kanjis, katakanas, hiraganas... Not so much >.>

I don't really understand the gameplay because of the damn Japanese characters... I only know that we have to adjust certain status and attract certain boys. Something like that...

I met 3 boys already. The first boy I met was someone who bumped to me in the first day of school, and the second was the teacher, and the third was a guy I met on the rooftops.

...But I kept running to the teacher. Is it because my 'knowledge' is only 36?? Or is it... A good sign?? *smirk*

I really need to practice Japanese. For my own sake, if you know what I mean... *maniacal laugh*