Thursday, December 25, 2008, 4:31 AM
What is this feeling?



I kinda like him. The first time I ever see him smile, I knew it. I knew that I was going to like him. He always smiles. Always. Sweetly, freely... Kindly.

That's why when I saw him looking down (it was only that one day, though. Other than that, I never see him looking so down), I can't help but worried. What happened?

Don't get me wrong, I don't have any intention to approach him. After all, he seems really happy to be beside her. No wonder though. For she is really nice to him.

I chose a song from my playlist. A song that I've heard of, but I never really know the meaning... Until now. I just knew it from the melody...

Goldfish Fireworks by Ai Otsuka

The goldfish swimming in my heart
Fall in love, making my feelings grow
Turning bright red
Though I know this love is never to be
But still I wished to be with you

The scent of summer in the rain
Goldfish fireworks drip down
The light is dazzling
And for an instant I can see your kind face

I don't want the goldfish swimming in my heart
To be surrounded by ugliness
I know they'll only live through the summer
So just give me a little time
But still I wished for your happiness

The scent of summer permeates the night
Goldfish fireworks drip down
I can't put it into words at all
And for an instant I can see your kind face

The scent of summer in the rain...