Tuesday, January 20, 2009, 3:32 AM
I'm Fighting The Urge To Play Some Games... DAMMIT.

After struggling with a really bad internet connection, I finally downloaded 2 games. Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side - 2nd Kiss and Time Hollow.

*is it just me... Or teachers are starting to look hot? XDDD*
Wakaouji. He's my type (You said Himuro is your type, now Wakaouji... How many type of boys do you like anyway??!!).

Hmm... To tell you the truth, the boys aren't as hot as the 1st one *sigh* Except for Wakaouji-sensei, that is tee hee~

I tried NOT to play the games after the exam is over... But I lost ;_;
They are so tempting!! They are... Temptress!! XDDD

Because I'm afraid that I'd end up staying up whole nights again playing Tokimeki Memorial, I stopped and started to play Time Hollow instead.

It was even worse -_-"
I spent 4 precious hours to play it... Dammit ;_;

Ahh... So much for the better grades...