Friday, January 9, 2009, 7:00 AM
So I've been playing Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side - 1st Love. Oh. My. GAWD.

a;ljhdal;jdajsd I told you I'm a pathetic single girl who would swoon over this. OVER A BUNCH OF PIXELS!!

Time for swooning over the boys!! Shall we??

Kei Hazuki

HAWT. Smart, a model, loves cat *YAY*, excellent athlete, loves to sleep *double YAY* etc etc... He's perfect. All you ask for in a boyfriend. And because of this, his requirements of a girlfriend is high too so I'm not into kind of guy. *but because this is a game, I'll try to get his ending*.

Sakuya Morimura

CUTEEE. He's kind-hearted, loves plants, loves video games *YAY*, smart (although he lost to Hazuki and ME XDDD). But he's kinda short, and is too delicate (almost like a girl). Definitely like Uke type. He's not really my type but I decide to get his ending. Because I swoon over his voice. Ishida Akira FTW.

Kazuma Suzuka

I hate this guy D: Well, not 'hate' per se, but he pisses me off!! (oh come on, it's just a game...) Well I kinda messed up in Bunkasai and he came to me saying something like... "Don't be ridiculuos". I think he also says harsh things to me... DX
He's sporty, that's all I can say.

Madoka Kijo

Hmm... Let's see. He's tall, a biker, loves to cook *YAY*, loves dates and girls D:, tanned-skin (Klavier much, hm?), loves to have fun.But he doesn't like me to study D:
I'm not really into him, but I guess he's okay. Easy to get along with. He likes DDR O.o" Eeeeekkk

Shiki Mihara

adlsja;ldjaldjasld what is this narcisstic guy who's prettier than me?? I thought his hair is just shoulder-length but I just found out that it's actually went down to his back O.o"
I don't know what's so wrong, but it seems he always at his :( status to me. GAH and everytime we go to a date, he wears weird clothes O.o" With frills... Eeeekk. Err... I'm not into this guy D: He kinda creeps me out eventhough he has such sweet voice *swoon*.

Reiichi Himuro

WOOOOTTT TOTALLY MY TYPE. A math teacher, has Maserati (it's a car), serious but sweet personality (Edgeworth much? XD), a bit stiff but it's okay <33
He kinda pisses me with his study dates (because he often messes my sleep time). Haaa~~ When he complements me and starts smiling... AAAAAAAA

Wataru Hibiya

My kouhai. A bit loud with a lot of passion to be 'cool', he kinda annoys me a bit XD But he's easy to get along with so it's okay. And I like him with his bangs down :D
He gets jealous easily (I think?) because I'm busy dating Morimura... I often see a bomb even his status is :)

Ikkaku Amanohashi

EEEEKK school's chairman. I like older man, but he's just... D:

Goro Hanatsubaki

He creeps me out. Period.



EEEEEEEEEKKK HE'S MY TYPEEEE (along with Himuro-sensei, that is XD). He wears uniform like Karasuma and he mysteriously text message me <33 Awww...
LOL I spent nights playing this game. Smirking while I get a good reaction from guys mwahahhahaaaa *maniacal laugh*

When I replayed Apollo Justice 1st case, the moment when Kristoph appeared, I DID THE SKINSHIP *of course it didn't work XDDD* IT'S TRUE I MEAN IT.