Tuesday, March 17, 2009, 3:22 AM
Am I flirting??

From what I read in the internet, I'm flirting alright.

I looked deeply in his eyes, intensely... But I don't think he gets the idea >_>;;

But when I asked my sister about this, she said, "what are you doing? You'll freak him out!!". WTF. The internet doesn't say so, sister!!

Then today I was sitting to one of my guy classmate (who is easy to talk to). And suddenly he asked me about our classmate that has very intense glare.
Him: Hey, what's wrong with that girl? Why does she glare at people like that?
Me: What? Why?
Him: I freak out, you know. The way she looks at me is just... Creepy.
Me: (uh-oh...) I don't know about that.
Him: *pointing at her* There, there!! Will you look at that? Man, creepy.
Me: >_>;;

Actually I know what's wrong with that girl. A friend told me that she has some kind of... 'Psycho' disease (if you can call it a disease, because I prefer calling it 'personality disorder'). But because I don't want to bad mouthing about her (even if it's right!! I'm afraid that I'd be killed by her... Oooohh talking about Psychopath!!). But enough about her, okay? That's not about her that I want to talk about.

So... It turns out that intense glaring is indeed freak people out, huh??
No wonder Mayen laughed when I said that I flirt with 'looking deeply into his eyes'.

Such a good way to make good impression of you in front of him, Shi.