Thursday, March 12, 2009, 8:14 AM
Dad I got a stomatitis and I need- OOOOOUUUGGGHH

I bit my tongue and there it is, stomatitis. Or 'sariawan' in Indonesian.

It hurts like biotch because it's on the tip of my tongue. We all know that there's no way we can avoid the pain. Because we eat, people.

So I asked Daddy to buy me a Redoxon. It may not heal quickly, but at least it reduces it. And he forgot to buy it. Psh. How many times do I have to send a message about it to you, Dad? >:[ I'm not impressed.

I showed my not-impressedness to my Dad. And he knew it, so he offered me a medicine.

I trust my Dad (if I can't trust a doctor for a sickness, who else would I trust? Technician?? >:[ It's obvious, Shi. Duh).

And he put a drop right on that cursed stomatitis.
"SHHIIIIIIIIIII-------" *censored*

I grabbed my pillow and held on tight to it. I even cried a tear ;_;
You: You were such a wuss. Stomatitis? Come on....

Well now go get a stomatitis and go to my Dad for a medicine. I'm sure you will like it A LOT.

I was drooling so much. Maybe because my body thinks that saliva would reduce the pain. *and it does, actually*. But my Dad said that I had to let my tongue out until it dried, so I kept on weeping my saliva. I was gross, yeah I know.

But after a while, the pain turned into somekind of a 'throb' on my tongue. It still hurts, though. But I kinda like the feeling of that 'throb' on my tongue mwahahhahahaaaaa...

Yeah people... Tongue has so many nerves that it can turn you on. That's why there's a thing called 'French Kiss'. Mmmmhhhhmmm...

LOL I'm so naughty.