Saturday, March 14, 2009, 12:16 AM
Haruna Ai ( はるな愛 )

Holy moly. WTF. She doesn't look like a guy AT ALL. Oh my medical world, you're so amazing that I think you're insane.

Transexual is not really a new thing for me, because Indonesia has a famous transexual too. Dorce Gamalama, I'm sure you all know her, if you live in Indonesia.

But I still can see the 'man' in Dorce, somehow... But Haruna Ai? No. No. That girl (guy?) is waaaaayy to cute to be a man. Just look at the PV. OMG. OMGGGGGG

At first, I didn't know anything about her at all. All I know that she has a single, which the title is very weird, IMO. "I U Yo Ne~". And she has somewhat big boobs that can pop anytime from her dress >_>;;
WTF. When I saw the cover, I was sure that she has that squeaky Japanese girl's voice. And I thought she was one of a H!P girls!! >_>;;
There's no way that I'd download that. Nuh-uh. I had enough of H!P girls. Pfft.

But I ended up seeing a choreography for her I U Yo Ne~ MV, and I... Like it -_-"

It's so catcheeeeyy. You know you can never go wrong with catchy songs!! And the most interesting part is... She sings with her man's voice!! XDDD LOL I have weird taste.

No, seriously. The song is so catchy and the choreography is funny too LOL.
If you love catchy songs, you have to try her!! :D