Thursday, April 16, 2009, 10:36 PM
Baby Got Back

Sssshhhhhh****tttt... -_-"
Today he came to our class with grumpy face. Yes. That Mr. Grumpy. To tell you the truth, I never really see him smiling. It's just a small smile or smirk. I guess he was in the bad mood (isn't he always??), he talked about our late friends and our bad behaviour. After he finished grumbling, he started the lessons.

Oh before that, we had test. It was not so hard, though. But I don't know why the things I already learned the night before, suddenly disappeared. I saw my friend beside me opening the book when he was out. I thought I could open the book too. But when I opened the book... My hand trembled!! I was SO scared he would find out that I was cheating!! T^T
You know, I've never been like this before. I mean, I always take a good chance to cheat if there's a chance. But this time... T^T
So in the end even I opened the book, I closed it again, and I didn't see a thing... T^T

Then he started the lessons. God why was it so hard to concentrate??

He started to explain how to do intramuscular injection. He said that you could do it on the arms, on the thighs, and on the... BUTT. AND HE EVEN TOUCHED HIS BUTT. Oh God why did he have to do that in front of his pupils!!! Especially in front of me!!

Of course it doesn't mean a thing. It's just that I was being a little bit perverted because the of mental image of Edgey's dancing scene in Phoenix Wright Musical by Takarazuka. Actually, the dancing scene doesn't contain 'butt shaking' at all. It's just... Ok I'm a pervert okay!! I read too much P x E or K x A yaoi and smut fanfics!! >:[
Want it or not, 'Baby Got Back' and 'What What In The Butt' popped in my mind!!

Thanks to Takarazuka Troupe, the rest of the class time, I kept thinking him wearing Edgey's suits, and him dancing the dancing scene >:[

It's sexy, though.