Saturday, May 16, 2009, 1:17 AM
Random People in My FB

Fffff some random people added me in FB. I don't even know who they are!! At this rate, FB doesn't have any difference with FS >:[

My purpose that I active in FB is to get in touch with some old friends. Not searching for some random guy to hook up. They added me in FB, added me in YM... And when we chatted, we talked nothing more than, "where are you from? You're in college? What major?". Pffftttt CAN WE TALK SOMETHING MORE INTERESTING PLEASE.
And some guys I chatted with, asked the same questions twice. "Where are you from?". FOR GOD'S SAKE I TOLD YOU I'M FROM MEDAN DAMMIT. This is the prove that they didn't respect the conversation. So how am I supposed to prolong the conversation with people like this?? >:[

Or maybe it's just me who being too... Terse. Well you see, I'M NOT THE NICEST PERSON IN THE WORLD. BEAT THAT.