Wednesday, July 8, 2009, 1:51 AM

I was very stressed around... 15 minutes ago. NOW I'M HYPER AGAIN FFFF YEAH.

Something disappointed me. I was about to cry but when I heard 'Tomorrow' song, I became happy again. Yeah, that 'Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you...' song. That song makes me think that even if I'm sad, I have to keep smiling. Ha yeah that's pretty simple. That's a child's song.

I remember there was a child idol in my country. They're called AFI Junior. I don't really like the adult version. I think the kids sing better.
So I remember one of them ever sang 'Tomorrow' song. I googled it, and there he is... "Ari" is his name. I remember he had such a cute voice. That song is my favorite song in the whole AFI Junior album.

But shoot... I didn't find the 'Tomorrow' that sang by him T^T

I clicked some random blog and... I found his photo.



Seriously, I was like... Totally forgot all the bad things that I thought about the 15 minutes earlier!!

His hair looks a lot like my classmate (who is, btw, younger than me tee heeeee).

FYI, I... Uh, don't like him THAT way. But everytime I see him is just like... AWWWW SO CUTE ALJKDSHALKSHDLAKAHDALSKD
And he acts so mature too, you know. He calms me when I tried to stitch, so that my stitch would look neat. That's like... OMG A REALLY OBEDIENT CHILD.

You know, he has this boyish smile that makes him looks even younger, a tall and slim body, a short cute boyish hair... He tends to get panic when it's about college matter, he studies a lot, but sometimes it seems he acts like he's all right, but it's okay since he's so cute and he's like the little brother in the class, he has a friend (ah well, he's actually my friend too) in the class, they seem so close, they went together to the beach just like a date and they often make eye contact and smile to each other a lot OH MY ASDLHAKLJSDHALKSHDLKAHSDLHALSD THIS IS SO MOE *MAJOR NOSEBLEED*
You know that I can't resist cute boys and yaoi!! :DDDDD