Saturday, August 1, 2009, 8:09 PM
"I Love Hot Teachers" statement is approved!!

Dayum. I like another teacher again. He never teaches my class, but he teaches me... -ehm, well... Us- outside the campus. He's quite young. I think he graduated only this year. We're only 4 years younger than him.

He wears glasses and he has a sweet smile. Unfortunately, he's a bit... Short -_-" (IF NOT TOO SHORT!!). As for his personality, I think he's too kind. You can somewhat tell it from his face. He teaches people for free. He's not really strict, there were times that I got the feeling he couldn't make up his mind. But don't get me wrong, he's smart, you know (duh, it's obvious that teachers are smart!! -_-"). He's a bit religious (I think?)... So I don't want to approach him any further...

...Indeed, people say, "Find a new love if you want to forget the old one". That is SO true. It helps, really. Pfft yeah. I talked like he's mine, duh -_-"

I think it's going to be another unrequited love because... You know. Meh. He's religious, and I'm... He's smart and I'm... He's short and I'm... Taller than him tee heeeeeeee << Okay, this one, I'm joking.
What I'm trying to say is... We're different. He's that and I'm this.

I think he's popular among girls. Eventhough he's a shortie, but he's handsome, smart, kind, religious, gentle (I think??)... All you can ask for a partner. He's absolutely a boyfriend material. Or even... Husband?? Teeee heeee...

The competition (to get him?? What do you think he is? A prize??) is too high. I can't compete (and I kinda don't want to). But it's okay for me to make him as an eye candy... Hmmmm sweeeeeeeeett *evil smirk*
And his glasses?? NICE. *grin*