Sunday, August 9, 2009, 9:42 PM
Please, God...

 God... Is this feeling based only by my loneliness? Am I so desperate? Am I a fool?

God... Is it so wrong to ask to be loved by somebody? Is it wrong to ask for a happiness?

Is it too much?

Even this feeling is mine, only mine. I'm not sure about it. I don't want to have this feeling just because I'm lonely. I want it for real.

Not all things that I planned go smoothly. But please, God... Let me meet that person. I'm not sure if this is a lonely feeling or not... But I'm really looking forward for us to hang out together... I want to know him better. Not from his sister. From himself. From my own eyes.

God... I always believe in you. Good events or not, I'll always believe in you. I always believe that you love me, although you give me bad fortune. I always believe in you, so I pray to you... I'm asking you... Please let us meet once again.

God... I don't even remember his face because he seems to look away from me. Will you let me meet him once again, so I can recall his face... So that we have our own memories...

I know that only in you that I can pray. Only you that can make it happen. So please, God...

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