Tuesday, August 11, 2009, 8:26 PM
Sound Horizon - Elysion "Tragical Abnormal Love Stories"

I'm so impressed by this album. With the band too. Where else you can find a band with songs that creates stories?? And the lyrics too. It's like reading a novel.

I love 'Elysion' album the most. The others are good too. But Elysion is unique. It's about love stories, but it's abnormal and tragic. Only sick people would understand these things MWAHAHAHAHHA. *wait. I shouldn't be laughing about that...*

Let's see. 'Baroque' is about lesbian, 'Ark' is about brother-complex, 'Yield' is about father-complex.. And they all end up killing the ones they love. Basically, it's all about unrequited love. It's sad, actually...