Friday, December 11, 2009, 6:58 AM
Final Fantasy IV on DS

I like IV better than III. The III was... Meh. III is just too hard, you know!! WTF I have to fight Bahamut in a quite early game (after I get to change jobs)!! THAT THING HITS 600++ WITH A SINGLE ATTACK DAMMIT. And my chars' HP are just.. Around 300++!! Seriously, how long do I have to level up?? It's gonna take forever... *sigh*

While in IV... It's SO much better. But the one thing that annoys me is the chars' wardrobe. And the speed at ATB -_-" SO ZETTA SLOW.

And the story gets pretty much interesting. So I tried to take a peek at FF forum, just to see what's everyone's opinion. They said IV on DS is hard.

Huh?? Really?? I don't really have any problem??

...I'm back from two hours ago after I typed things above.

I take back my words. I got no choice but DIE because suddenly I ran into a snake-like thing, I couldn't slay it and I DIED. Son of a bioooooooootttcccchhhh

Mmm... Cid Highwind really gaves me a bad influence, doesn't he? Tee hee.