Wednesday, December 16, 2009, 9:44 AM
I Said I Wasn't Interested In Love, But Then...

"I never thought that I could be so satisfied,
Everytime that I look in your angel eyes.
A shock inside me that words just can’t describe,
And there’s no explaining.
There’s something in the way you move, I can’t deny,
Every word from your lips is a lullaby..."

Pop Goes My Heart - Hugh Grant

This is what I called IRONY.

I remember I said this to my parents when they asked me to come to a wedding party, "I'm not interested. Forget it". The thing was, my parents wants me to dress up and show up in the wedding party, to see if anyone's interested in me. Pfft. Yeahhhhh I'd rather stay in my room, playing FF VII (which I did).

It happened around 2 weeks ago. I remember EXACTLY why I said, "No". Because... I really wasn't interested. I just had my heart broken and booohooooo I don't want to get involved in guys. YET.

I have games and college to think to, I don't want to love. Love just messed up my whole world. And why the hell does my mother get all worked up, ordering me to find search for a boyfriend?? When I was in Junior High School and High School, my mother was angry with me when I talked about guys. Now what?? Sheeessshh I don't get my mother sometimes. Shouldn't she be happy that her daughter is still by her side?

Just 2 days agoooo... I started playing Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side again. Yes, the 1st one and the 2nd one. Just to reminiscence. Hmm... Why did I start playing again? Ahhh. This. Toshiyuki Morikawa is Wakaouji-sensei's seiyuu. Still don't get it? Toshiyuki Morikawa?? Doesn't it ring any bell to you??
Estuans interius, ira vehementi... Estuans interius, ira vehementi... Sephiroth!! Sephiroth!!

Yes. Sephiroth is Wakaouji-sensei. LOL. I'm shocked also. Because his voice sounds so menacing as Sephiroth, but it's much lighter and gentle when he voiced Wakaouji. Sweeeeeeett. Still don't get it?? Just so you know, I LOVE Sephiroth. No need to ask why. Because he's just so goddamn sexy.
Hearing Toshiyuki Morikawa's voice as Wakaouji, it's like hearing a lullaby from Sephiroth *yeah I know I'm exaggerating, but still*

So I played TMGS again, just to hear Toshiyuki's sweet voice as Wakaouji. Suddenly I remembered Himuro Reiichi from TMGS 1st Love. Ahhh it's been so long I didn't hear his sexy voice. I played it back again from the start. I miss being greeted by Himuro-sensei at the beginning of the game <333

How sexy. From EVERY aspect.
Photobucket  Photobucket
*sorry for the 1st picture (I got it from otome_hime@LJ. Credit goes to her). I know that's so suggestive you'd want to bang him right here. Right now*

He makes me want to love again. I think I'm the happiest person in the world when I can have someone like him by my side. I shared this with my father and then he said, "You're one to talk. Geez, you have high standart. There ain't no person like that in the world. Forget it". Then, he continued, "a girl like you is not the one to choose.". Man, don't I have a REALLY supportive family or what??

Then I shared this with my friends too. She was all like, "MY GAWD. ANOTHER FICTIONAL CHARACTER??". Yeah I'm just so pathetic like that. But she told me that I could fin guys like that in the Bank. She was sending her resumes to several Banks, she said that the workers are just so pretty and handsome. Yeah well that makes sense. But that doesn't make sense if I had to hang out and flirt in the Banks!! Geeeezzz...

Anywaaaaayyy he makes me wonder when can I finally find my true love. *have this sudden urge to puke*. >_>;; Maaannn this is so NOT me. Me thinking about true love? Yeah. Pfft. Riiiiiggghhhtt. Even the thoughts in my head are all laughing at me. And then I suddenly wanted to hear Mulan Jameela's "Makhluk Tuhan Paling Sexy". That's when I know that there's DEFINITELY wrong with me.

I want to start drawing again. It has gotten worse T^T I can draw faces quite well. But the anatomy... FAIL. I guess I have to "STOP BEING A BABY. GRAB A PENCIL AND PAPER. START PRACTICING."

Himuro-sensei, you gave me a new hope
*gasp* I did NOT just say that. *puke*