Monday, December 14, 2009, 9:01 AM
Vincent Valentine
of Final Fantasy VII

That's right, people. I'm gonna fangirling again. Why, you ask?? Because I'm a fangirl. It's simple as that.

Vincent Valentine... is not really my favorite character, though.
inner thoughts: Then why the hell did you write this post, woman??

Chill, dude. Dark, tall, emo, never-forget-his-past, constantly blames himself, cool, and blahblahblahblah *insert all Vincent-y here*... NOT my type.
P.S: But I do NOT hate him!! *afraid that some rabid Vincent's fangirls are all after me*

I just think that he is a great character with an 'awesome' past (I'd seriously baaaaawwww ;_;). Who designed his character?? I'd glomp him so hard (yea, it's gotta be a HE). From personality (not my type, though. But Vincent surely got himself quite a... umm.. big fanbase), looks, story, and CLOTHES.

Vincent's clothes. It suits him so perfectly. I've never seen a game/anime character who wears red so perfectly. He makes ordinary black and red so beautiful.

*suddenly wants to draw/write about Vincent's clothes*

"Red. Red is my favorite color. It suits your skin perfectly"
-Gyakuten Saiban doujinshi-