Friday, January 22, 2010, 9:31 PM
Fictional Character Look-a-like

I was reminiscing about my childhood yesterday (well, sort of...). I remember when I was around... 10? 11? Around that. I loved to watch MTV. All day, all time. I never watched anything else except MTV (that time, now I don't care about TV anymore...).

So there was a techno group called 'Eiffel 65'. Haha LOL I thought they were French, but they were Italian. I just found out yesterday -_-" Btw why the heck did they named it 'Eiffel'?? Geez...

I'm not actually a fan of techno music, but Eiffel 65 is pretty catchy :D
I assume you know their biggest hit 'Blue Da Ba Dee'?? No? Ah it's okay. It's been a long time anyway. And they broke up in 2005.

So, back to 'my reminiscence'. I watched their videos on YT, haha it's always fun to reminiscence. I started with their biggest hit video, Blue Da Ba Dee. Then I remember there was a hot member that I kinda like... But I didn't really remember. Was it the keyboardist?? Was it the DJ?? But it's obviously not the vocalist, though HAHA. Sorry no offense, I think the vocalist is quite cute actually, but I can't stand bald guys... T^T

It was the DJ. His name is Gabry Ponte. 1st impression (haha not actually the 1st, but meh): He looks like a game character. ...Or anime character.

That means he's hawt, yeah HAHA. And to tell you the truth, he's one in a million westerner that look like game character :D A lot of game character look-a-like are from Japanese, I think.

But I can't remember what game... Was it Tekken? Or was it Cardcaptor Sakura anime?? And what makes he looks like a game character? I think it's the eyebrows -_-" Now that I think about it, it's pretty strange LOL. But seriously. I think he looks a lot like a character that CLAMP (the old style, Cardcaptor Sakura era) would draw :D

And to make him more look-a-like, he does martial arts :D