Saturday, January 9, 2010, 5:28 AM
Parameters To The Key of My Heart

This is what happened if you play too much TMGS. But I guess it makes sense. For instance, it's like this... Everyone is different about taste. Concerning love interests, too. Maybe you like sporty guys, but I don't. Maybe you like a guy who's in a band, but I don't. Get what I mean??

Soooo if I were a chaseable girl in TMBS (Tokimeki Memorial Boys' Side), you should have parameter would be like this to get me:
Intelligence: 150
Fitness: 50
Style: 50
Arts: 100
Social: 50
Charm: 150

Elegant, then sporty (hates Sexy)
Accessory: Watch, glasses

Let me explain this a bit. Ahem. I like smart guys. It's even better if he has an artistic side, such as playing piano or drawing. And I like guys with good manners. I don't give much a damn for his style, fitness and social.
For clothes, I like elegant the best. Ooooohh yessss. Elegant clothes + smart + glasses = SMEXY.

You don't have to expose your body, showing off your sixpack and muscles just to be sexy. It's better if you have good manners and act gracefully like those English gentlemen teehee.