Wednesday, January 20, 2010, 7:45 PM
Smiling Long-Haired Glasses Guy

Recently, I played 'Hiiro no Kakera' DS and currently I'm reading 'Trinity Blood'.

...Which makes me think that... There's a similarity. Smiling Long-Haired Glasses Guy.
Well yeah except Oomi Suguru in Hiiro no Kakera is not silly like Abel Nightroad in Trinity Blood.

Aaaaaaannddd!! Need I mention the other Smiling Long-Haired Glasses Guy (my, that was long)?? Okay, if you insist, then... Do you remember Kristoph Gavin??

Ahhh... Long haired guys in reality can never be as hot as the fictional ones.

Now I want to state my opinions about Oomi Suguru and Abel Nightroad.

Oomi Suguru
First impression: He looks gentle. I used to like these type of character, but now... Mmm, how should I put this... Oomi Suguru is not my favorite character in Hiiro no Kakera. I like Yuiichi Komura better. But Oomi Suguru can be the 2nd one :D
I mean, he's TOO gentleeeeee grrr a man should have some toughness, you know. Rrraaaahhh!! But I like the seiyuu. Daisuke Hirakawa <3 !!!

Abel Nightroad
Whoa. This guy is irresistible. But he can be a turn-off to me if he puts a idiot face like in the anime (like in eps 1, he starts drooling like he never sees sugars -_-"). But I like him in the manga!! His clumsiness and silliness is adorable (somehow it's different from the anime). There are times that he makes us laugh, and other times he makes us go 'aaaawwww...', the other time he makes us 'kyun-kyun' and 'doki-doki'...
And he's silver-haired. Wooooyeaaaaagghh like Sephiroth *squeeeeee*
Do you realize that Trinity Blood is a SHOUJO manga?? LOL I didn't realize it.

There are some traits in characters that always attract me.
Blue-haired. Silver-haired. Always smiling. GLASSES (need I say more?). Silliness (sometimes, not all characters). Formal performance (be it a uniform, or a tuxedo, or just a plain suit...).

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *squee*
Now I know the reason why I don't have a boyfriend. It seems like I'm too into fictional guys *sigh*