Wednesday, March 24, 2010, 10:49 AM
Chrono Cross

Yeaaaahhh this game. Fucking awesome. I don't care that you'll laugh at my face telling me that it's TOO late to play this game. Who cares?? At least I can taste the awesomeness MWAHAHHAHAHAAAA

You know, the system is not so bad. At first, I'm confused. RPG that doesn't have EXP points?? You gotta be kidding me. How am I suppose to gain levels -_-"
But then, that's when I knew... That Chrono Cross is kindly enough to NOT make its player tired. You know sometimes people just abusing the level-up system like 'level grinding' by fighting the monster over and over again. That's what I usually do, though HAHA
The reason why I level-grind is... I WANT 'EM MORE THAN DEAD.

Chrono Cross won't waste its player time to level-grind because their calculations of levels is just awesome, yes?? :D

At first, I'm not exactly impressed by the idea and system. But I made a decision that I shouldn't judge too quickly. Read below post, if you're still confused.
Now I'm hooked. Looking forward when I can play again. I can't because that fucking exam is on Friday. Sheeessshh >:[ I never liked exam (but then again, who does??)