Sunday, March 21, 2010, 3:33 AM
Free Times To Play Games

Since when I didn't have time to play games anymore??? This is SO NOT right!! There are too many games I have yet to finish, let alone try. Psssshhh.

Okay this may sound weird, but I want to try all RPG games. In every platform. Or, at least, I have to try the famous ones. HAHA gimme a break. Even a gamer freak somewhere out there could never try ALL games. But seriously.

For the time being, I guess I'll have to catch up with old RPGs in old platforms, because I don't have any money to buy a next-gen platforms. My parents won't even buy me one. I even play PSX games on emulator. So I stopped being a baby who asks some toys from their parents... Screw it. When I graduate, I'll find jobs eventually, get a lot of money and the first thing I'll buy is gaming platform WOOOYEAAAHHH.

But why am I feeling lazy? Sheeesshh. I just want to sleep all day than to do something. I even skipped lunch just because I was lazy to go out.

That's when I knew, that when I'm feeling lazy JUST to play games, there's something wrong with me.

If I'm lazy to play some games, I could be lazy to do all things!! Nooooooo ;A;
I have to change this. Start from the game. Tonight, I'm gonna play Chrono Cross.