When Love Starts To Become A Waste...
Saturday, August 28, 2010, 3:45 PM
Nowadays, I've come to realize that loving someone is not that simple. True, it doesn't need a reason. But what do you expect? What do you expect from loving someone? Do you expect them to love you back? Or you 'just' love them, whether they love you back or not?

They say that unconditional love is real love. Or is it, really? Is it really what we want? Unrequited love sure sounds cruel.

I've been thinking... For what? For what do I have to have this feeling? Loving someone who doesn't even love me back... I mean, what? All of this is starting to become a waste.

Say, let me put you in a condition. You like someone. You might even love them. But you're not sure if they're going to love you back or not. And now what? Do you approach them? Do you try to get closer to them? Or you choose just to sit back, and see if they approach you first?
Then what if they don't approach you?

I don't have any courage to approach someone. And I really can't see the reason to.

Little by little, I feel that my feelings for someone has become a waste. I feel that I have no reason to like someone.
It feels like I produce a large amount of bread, but no one buys it. Sooner or later, I become bankrupt and I have to close my bakery. Can I call this the same case? Do I really have to close my heart forever?